La Maison d’Igor used to be home to a local family. Then, in 2012, the beautiful villa was completely renovated and converted into a hotel – without losing its original splendor and wealth. The building’s 19th and 20th century pageantry, notably the woodwork, sculptures, fireplaces, brickwork, chandeliers and water fountains, have all been carefully restored by specialists – preserving the building’s unique identity and warm atmosphere.

It is here, in these ancient walls and lush gardens, that Igor Stravinsky ; the Russian-born composer, pianist, and conductor decided to take up residence a century ago, taking inspiration from the site’s calm and beauty. Living in this magnificent house from 1915 to 1917, it was during this period that he created his most remarkable works ; Pulcinella, Les Noces, Renard, l’Histoire du Soldat and many other master pieces that made him famous – to the point that he is widely considered one of the most important and influential composers of the 20th century.

And this musical past can be felt in every corner of La Maison d’Igor – transmitted by a team of highly devoted professionals that make this lavish building into a welcoming home for hotel guests.

Catherine Dreyfus

Manager and co-founder of La Maison d’Igor

Meet Catherine, Swiss by origin, born in Lausanne. Co-Founder + Co-General Manager of La Maison d’Igor, she has been part of the hotel from the very beginning in 2012.

“My La Maison d’Igor adventure began with the strong desire to revive this beautiful residence in Morges where my mother was born. I wanted to share with other people the building’s unique atmosphere of culture and history. I particularly appreciate the fact that the place perfectly meets the demanding needs of today’s hotel guests, offering charming spaces with lots of character.”

3 words to describe La Maison d’Igor ?

“Encounter, unusual, unique !”

Héloïse Barbey

Manager and co-founder of La Maison d’Igor

Above all friendship

Meet Héloïse, Swiss by origin, born in Mazamet, France. Co-Founder + Co-General Manager of La Maison d’Igor, she has been part of the hotel from the very beginning in 2012.

“For me, at the base of the La Maison d’Igor adventure is the story of friendship, followed by the ambition to transform this exceptional building into a home of welcome. I consider this hotel not only a location of charm and magic, but also an exclusive work place. I particularly appreciate the site’s beauty, the warm atmosphere and its splendid garden.”

3 words to describe La Maison d’Igor ?

“Warm, atypical, enduring !”

Anne-Marie Amarente La Puente

The good house-fairy

Meet Anne Marie from Romania. Our good house fairy and caretaker, she has worked at La Maison d’Igor from opening-day and joined the hotel adventure recommended by one of Catherine’s friends.

“Today, La Maison d’Igor is like a second home for me and I particularly appreciate the team I’m working with and the beauty of this place.”

3 words to describe La Maison d’Igor ?

Magnificent, original, friendly.”

Irina Redanskaya

The friendly smile at the reception

Meet Irina from Saint-Petersburg ; the hometown of Igor Stravinsky. She is our multitasking receptionist, having joined the team in December 2018.

“In search of a job in Morges, I went from place to place and eventually knocked on the door of La Maison d’Igor. Here I met Catherine who worked at the reception. By chance, the hotel was looking for a new member to complete its staff – and that’s how my La Maison d’Igor adventure started.

This house and its history remind me of a sentence from my dad. Knowing hardly any English, he often used to say very proudly : “I like modern classical music, especially Stravinsky.” And these are the very words that connect me deeply to this hotel.

I particularly appreciate the story involving this historic building, the unique rooms and their individual design and decoration, as well as the gorgeous garden. But above all, what I like most is the extremely friendly team and the family work atmosphere… not to mention the opportunity for many surprising encounters with our guests. ”

3 words to describe La Maison d’Igor ?

Charming, inviting, family.”

Linda Lacroix

Making sure that everything runs smoothly

Meet Linda, Canadian born from Québec’s Montréal region. She has joined La Maison d’Igor in February 2015 and today holds the position of administrative collaborator.

“This hotel seduced me from the moment I saw it ! In fact, I liked it so much that I wanted to celebrate my wedding in this beautiful building. But, unfortunately, the chosen date was already booked.”

“At the same time, having just arrived in Switzerland, I was looking for work. And whilst I couldn’t party here with our wedding guests, I found a job as receptionist.”

“Everybody working here is like family to me… and the hotel itself is my vacation home. I’m particularly attracted by the big park with its beautiful garden. Caring for the flowers is a source of pure happiness.”

3 words to describe La Maison d’Igor ?

“Inspiring, unique, zen.”