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The city of Lausanne ; permanent home to the International Olympic Committee, is full of secrets – all waiting to be discovered. The old town, the cathedral, the ancient shops, the museums, the labyrinth of small streets and alleys with cafes, bars and restaurants… they all wait for you to visit.

Particularly well worth seeing is PLATEFORME 10 ; the new cultural space that was created on the site of the city’s former locomotive halls, and where the Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts – which also houses the Fondation Toms Pauli and the Fondation Félix Vallotton – , the Musée de l’Elysée (cantonal museum of photography), and the museum for contemporary design and applied art were all brought together in one location.

Or why not board the metro to the Ouchy terminus and then take the short walk to the famous Olympic Museum for a journey through the history of Olympia. Here you can relive the intense sporting moments, cheer with the champions, and experience the creativity of the venues. 3’000m2 of exhibition space, more than 1’500 objects, 150 projection screens, plus the Olympic Park with its sports facilities and sculptures, the TOM Café and its delicious food, each dish inspired by the venues of the Olympic Games.

This is the one museum where you’ll find the story you want to tell others. But don’t overexert yourself – the view over the lake alone is already breathtaking ! Find out more : https ://

Ein Bild, das das Innere des Museums von Charlie Chaplin in Vevey zeigt

Chaplin’s World

Located in the heart of a magnificent 4 hectare estate in Corsier-sur-Vevey, the home of Charlie Chaplin and his family was turned into a museum

Ein Bild, das das Olympische Museum zeigt

The Olympic Museum

The city of Lausanne is the Olympic capital. Consequently, visiting the Olympic Museum is an absolute must when staying in the region.  Located on the