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La Maison d’Igor is located in a 4’000m², well-tended private park with lots of green grass, trees, bushes and flowers. In the east, the grounds feature beautiful boxwood paths. It’s the ideal place to enjoy your free time quietly, protected from the noisy world on the outside. Take a walk, relax, lie in the sun, read, or dream in the shade of mighty trees.
Don’t be surprised if it seems to you that the ancient greenhouse and the trellises appear to belong to a time long gone by. Catherine and Héloïse lovingly grow flowers here – to embellish your stay at La Maison d’Igor.
La Maison d’Igor. A villa full of history.
Discover old photos of the building from the last century.

Ein Bild, das das Innere des Museums von Charlie Chaplin in Vevey zeigt

Chaplin’s World

Located in the heart of a magnificent 4 hectare estate in Corsier-sur-Vevey, the home of Charlie Chaplin and his family was turned into a museum

Ein Bild, das das Olympische Museum zeigt

The Olympic Museum

The city of Lausanne is the Olympic capital. Consequently, visiting the Olympic Museum is an absolute must when staying in the region.  Located on the